Born and Raised in Houston, Texas
to a small family that was not from Texas was different. Sometimes lonely, but the love was there. I was different and I always knew I wanted to create. My dad being from the Bronx, NY visiting there introduced me to the huge world of fly fashion. My mother being adventurous I had the opportunity to go around many cultures. Soon my love for "weird" sneakers eventually turned into me loving heels and sneaking my older sisters heels to school. Life then happen. My disobedience as a teen turned me into a teen mom twice, but I wouldn't change anything because it lead me here. A woman of God, mother, and designer of some fly ass footwear is just a snippet. Started off by being a DIY shoe maniac to my $ heels that I only sold one pair to my viral bandana platform heel named after my grandmother Monica. 
I decided that I wanted to fulfill the purpose God gave me. Designing accessories and being great at is my gift from God, but my gift to God is to be a source of inspiration to little girls and women that they can be and do whatever it is they want to do is what matters. The Girlfriends Club by Nn was created for this soul purpose. We want you to know that life happens whether good or unfortunate things, but put your shoes on and remember who you are and who you can be. Everyday I will strive to be my authentic self so that when you wear Nn you remember to live in your truth and feel the TF good.